The projects I am working on now

August 3rd 2016

So I took a break from laced forms this week and turned this Gothic Goblet from around 50 compact disc cases.

A lot of hours went into making this piece, but it well worth it I think.

It turned out beautifully.


July 25th 2016

This is the latest Vase in the laced form vase series.

with a slightly different twist to the design I added chains instead of laces or leather. I really like the Gothic stance and look that this piece has and think it would look fantastic as a centerpiece on a Halloween dining table with black roses !!


A 14" tall by 31/4" round coloured chained form vase .

July 15th 2016

Another addition to my laced form design.

This vase is turned from a piece of Sycamore and turned thin just like the other vases in the series so far but this one is a little taller and more slimline.

9 inches tall by around 3 inches round.

Also instead of laces I have used white plat elastic strap.

The interior is coloured a maroon tint and the edges black.

A Sycamore lace form vase with coloured interior.

July 4th 2016

These are the current projects I am working on in the workshop.

These are laced forms (vases) turned to a 3 mm wall thickness with the artistic stature of a female form.

This design is my take on the more commonly seen zipped vases that have textile zippers glued to the form to give the illusion of the piece being


I use textile eyelets and fix them the same way they would be on a piece of clothing and then lace them using either strips of leather or show laces.

Some of these forms are textured or coloured and no two vases are the same, making them very unique.

I am working on a 12 inch tall version of these vases at the moment.

All these vases are available to purchaseĀ in the shop. Or alternatively you can contact me through the contact page for commissioned pieces.