An ornamental coloured and laced ash wood vase


An ornamental coloured and laced ash wood vase

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Product Description

This is a 7 inch (180mm) tall by 4 inch (100mm) round ornamental coloured and laced ash wood vase.

These vases are turned to a 3mm wall thickness then cut to resemble a female form. Eyelets commonly used in the textile industry are then added along the seems and are then laced with either leather or shoe laces.

These vases are unique and artistic in their stance, no two vases are the same and each is finished using a variation of either colour or texture.

They can be used as a stand alone visual piece or as a vase for dried flowers or table centres for weddings and events.

This style vase can be ordered to any size between 4 inches and 12 inches tall and can be made to commission.

cost will vary with size.


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