Ready Steady GO #1

So after a few months of not having a working computer and not really being present on social media we are back !!

This is my first official “Blog post” here on Templeboy Turnings brand new webpage. We have worked many hours over the past few weeks creating a fresh new webpage and we are finally ready for the launch.

Thank you to all in the maker community that came together and generously donated towards a new Laptop for us to be able to get back up and running.

Our aim with this new site is to make it as user friendly and user involved as possible, and hopefully build a free subscriber base that can benefit from many planned benefits.


We are working on creating a monthly news letter that will be available to subscribers, with news and information from the maker community around the world. We hope to work with a number of suppliers and businesses and set up discounts that will be available to our subscribers.



We already have three amazing companies working with us !!

Yorkshire grit is a fantastic woodturners product that not only reduces the amount of dust created during the sanding process but also reduces the time doing it and leaves a beautiful base coat ready to apply a finish of choice.

Watch out for future collaborations involving Templeboy Turnings and Yorkshire Grit.



Taylors Mirfield are a UK based company that stock and sell quality made pen kits for the woodturner, all their kits are stunning to look at and comfortable to use. Any pen made using a TM kit will be a beautiful end product. Also available on their website are British made pen kits. 

Templeboy turnings is looking forward to working with Taylors Mirfield throughout 2018.


Harneal Media are a relatively new company that can cater for all your media needs. Specializing in building websites and offering all the tools and maintenance required for a happy and stress free experience while presenting your products and services to the world.

Harneal Media are a great company to work with and have helped us out here at Templeboy Turnings immensely with our new and improved website.


All three companies details can be found in the affiliates page of this webpage by clicking on the tab in the menu.



We Invite you to click the subscribe tab in the menu above and join our growing community and please feel free to post a comment here in the blog section of the site, with any info or questions you may have.

!!20% discount at every check out for all handmade products for  TT members!!



It will be a couple weeks before we have our shop up and running, we are currently taking pictures of the stock we have and designing our store layout.

We are also looking into a merchandise and apparel store that will be a third party company supplying followers with Templeboy Turnings gifts and merchandise.

We will keep you up to date with our shop design progress


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