Skew practice and getting ready for a new YouTube series.

The miniature goblet & YouTube.

So I spent some time in the workshop tonight and I made this miniature goblet from a piece of sycamore branch. The goblet is 3 inches tall by 1 inch in diameter.

I turned the goblet using only two skews, a 1 inch and a quarter inch.

This goblet and indeed the new series I am starting soon on my YouTube channel was inspired by a maker called Chris Cute. He has a YouTube channel called Make the first cut woodworking    (click on the link to go check his channel out). He recently posted a video about using small branches and milling them into usable project material. This got me thinking and I have decided to create a series on miniature projects turned from small branches and limbs.

I have yet to come up with a name for the new series and you folks are the first to be told about it. (shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone) Maybe you could share some ideas on what to call it and what miniature projects I should attempt?

The lamp

I have been continuing with the glass, wood and copper lamp that I started a couple weeks ago. I have the stem turned and sanded ready for gluing together.

I still have to turn a third and bigger lamp than the other two, make a base, put a finish on the wood, polish up the copper, and wire up the electrics. So still a way to go with it, and it looks like it will be a three part series rather than the two I originally thought.

This lamp will be given to my eldest daughter as a moving in gift for her new house. I think I will call it a steampunk lamp.

I am excited about getting it finished and seeing what it looks like.



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