About Us

Templeboy Turnings is essentially a brand name, created by Steven Twydell when he decided in September 2015 to start his YouTube Channel. On the 22nd of September he filmed his first introduction video and Templeboy Turnings was born.

Where does the name come from?

The Templeboy Turnings name was created by Steve and his best friend Rob Summerlin in Canada, while on a messenger hangout one night. Steve lives in a small parish in the North West of Ireland called Templeboy and while trying to come up with a catchy name, both the hobby and place of residence were joined and the rest is history.



What does Templeboy Turnings do?

Templeboy turnings is a brand name but specialises in the making community.

We are active across most social medias and interact on a daily basis with the community. Steve Twydell creates a variety of handmade projects and enjoys sharing the process from the thought, through the design, its creation and then the finished product.

We make a variety of products from many different materials and when possible up-cycle and recycle, and we also offer live demonstrations at trade shows and teach a variety of craft skills locally in clubs and classes.

We can make to order and take on commissioned pieces.

We work hard at keeping in touch with our followers across many forms of social media, posting regular updates on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Hangouts and here on our website.

We also have an online store

Templeboy Turnings like any homemade craft creator has overhead costs. Materials and equipment all cost money and unlike the wood it doesn’t grow on trees.

Our store is a place where visitors can come and see what we create and purchase any pieces they like. To help make our pieces affordable to everyone we offer a free subscription to our website and with this subscription a 20% discount is added to all purchases. On top of the 20% discount we promise to donate 20% of any cart total to Makers Make It Matter fund raising campaign. A campaign to raise funds to help children with disability and their families.


We are on YouTube 

Over the past 3 years Templeboy Turnings has become quite successful on YouTube. With 20,ooo subscribers, over 150 videos and almost 4 million views we are making our mark in the YouTube making community. We upload a new project video on a regular basis and also host 2 live shows a week on a Wednesday and Sunday evening.