Yorkshire grit is an abrasive paste formulated to give a fine keyed surface to your turnings, prior to applying your finish of choice.

It consists of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including mineral oil, beeswax and ultra fine grinding powders. These are then carefully blended (without the use of solvents or other strong smelling and potentially harmful chemicals) to produce a creamy abrasive paste.  Yorkshire Grit acts like ‘liquid sandpaper’, reducing the scratches left by the initial dry sanding* and eliminating the increasingly fine dust produced by traditional sanding at higher grits. On most woods sanding up to 240 grit is sufficient to start with our paste. The grinding powders we use are designed to break down to a finer mesh as they are used, while still maintaining a cutting edge, so as the friction reduces the mesh size of the grit it is effectively forming a finer abrasive. In comparison tests, we believe the finish is at least equivalent to 1000 grit.

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As a family owned company, Crown Hand Tools and their loyal staff have been proudly manufacturing traditional woodworking hand tools for over fifty years.

Handmade to the finest quality, Crown has found the perfect equilibrium between tradition and innovation, making their tools beautiful as well as functional.


Their Master Craftsmen hand forge, temper and grind their tools as their ancestors did, whilst also using modern processes and materials, such as Cryogenics and Powder Metallurgy.


This combination of old and new techniques ensures they are giving their customers what they consider the best quality hand tools available.


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Harneal Media is a professional website design and hosting company which specializes in the Maker community.  

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