Make It Matter Business’s

Are you a supplier of products and tools for makers ? Great !! This is how you can help …………

We are always delighted to have companies and suppliers of products and tools for the maker community on board with our fundraising campaigns.

If you are a new company to the Make It Matter charity campaigns thank you for your help. As a company/business we ask you to fill out a registration form with your details and register. Please register HERE

Once you have registered its simple, you just click on the corporate/business Auction donation tab in the Make It Matter drop down menu and fill in the donation form.

Your donated item will then be entered into our campaign auction and the bidding will start. Once your item has sold you will receive the winning bidders details and you ship the item to them.

If when registering you did not agree to pay shipping costs the cost of the shipping will be deducted from the winning bid for your item and the remaining amount raised will go the campaign recipient.

If you are already registered and would like to Donate a product or tool for our online fundraising campaign auction, please Click HERE