Curing Friends Fundraising Campaign

Welcome to the Make It Matter Curing Friends fundraising Campaign.

This campaign will run from May 27th 2018 to July 7th.

The Project Donations for this campaign can be submitted between May 27th and June 30th 2018.

There will be two auction running together from July 1st to July 7th 2018. One auction for projects made by makers over the age of 18 and the second auction for makers under the age of 18 (The mini makers auction).

The Curing Friends Campaign has been set up to raise funds for two causes The first being a young man called Brandon Summerlin and his family in Canada.

The second being Cystic Fibrosis Canada. (please click on the link to find out more)

The proceeds raised from this campaign will be split 50 / 50 between both causes.

Brandon is a 21 year old lad from Woodslee Ontario in Canada and has suffered from Cystic Fibrosis  his whole life.

Brandon has struggled to live what most boys his age would call a “normal life” because of his CF and the additional complications associated with it.

From birth to just over a Month ago Brandon’s health had progressively deteriorated, to the point that he could no longer breathe enough oxygen to supply his body, and became so ill that he required a double lung transplant.

On April 8, 2018 Brandon was called to Toronto and underwent double lung transplant surgery.

The surgery was a success and thanks to the unselfish act of an organ donor Brandon was given a second chance in life.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there.

Along with successful life saving surgery comes life changing costs and debt. Brandon will have to stay in Toronto, close to the hospital for at least the next three months. This is in case of any after surgery complications or transplant rejection. He also has intense daily physiotherapy to built up his strength and  stamina.

To be able to stay in Toronto Brandon’s family have had to rent accommodation for him and for his safety his parents are taking it in turns to stay with him.

All of this comes with great financial cost, not only for the fees but also loss of earnings.

Moving forward Brandon is going to need medication and aftercare for the rest of his life which also comes at great cost.


Brandon’s health is improving every day since his surgery which is fantastic news, but behind the scenes there is family stress and worry for their financial future.

As you could imagine this causes huge stress and heartache to the whole Summerlin family, and its for these reasons that Make It Matter have set up the Curing Friends fundraising campaign.

Finally to close we would like to add that Brandon’s younger brother Cole is also a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer. There is a strong possibility although each patient can show different symptoms and progressions, that Cole will face the same medical issues that his older brother has over the years, which brings to light how important this campaign is. Not only to help the Summerlin family financially, but also to help provide some financial support to the organisation that helps the Summerlin boys and thousands of others like them. Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

How can you get involved ?

There are four ways you can help with this campaign.

Sign up to Make It Matter as a maker.

If you are an, artist, photographer, sculptor,  carver, welder, engraver, woodworker, knitter or any other form of maker we are looking for you. If you would like to donate a hand made project that you have created to the Curing friends campaign auction please click HERE to register as a campaign maker.

Once you have read the terms and conditions and registered you will gain access to the project donation page, and you can follow the instructions given to donate your project to auction.

Make It Matter Mini Maker 

If you are under the age of 18 and you would like to donate a project as a Mini Maker please ask your parents/guardians to sign up as a make it matter maker HERE. Once registered your parent/guardian can then fill out the Mini Maker project donation form HERE.

Sign up to Make It Matter as a bidder.

If you would like to take part as a bidder in our curing friends campaign auction please click HERE to register as a bidder.

Once you have read the terms and conditions and registered as a bidder you will have access to all auctions that go live on the Make It Matter fundraising page.


If you would like to donate to the curing friends campaign please click the donate button below.

Share the curing friends campaign on social media.

Please share the Curing Friends fundraising campaign information on your social media pages by copying and pasting this small paragraph and link :-

Please consider taking part in a fund raising campaign and online auction called Curing Friends.  A campaign to raise funds to help the Summerlin family fund the medical expenses of their son Brandon’s double lung transplant. For information on how you can help please click the link below. If you are an artist or maker you can help by donating a hand made project to auction.