Make It Matter Terms and conditions


General website house keeping rules.

This is a charitable cause and all profits gained from Make it Matter campaigns will be donated to the allotted charity/charities.

All Make It Matter members of staff are giving their time and services 100% free of charge and receive no financial gain from any of the donations received or campaign profits.

Bad language, bullying, racism, political views, and harassment are not welcome on any public page, forum or chat connected to this website. Evidence of such behaviors will not be tolerated and will result in the member/s being removed and blocked from the website, and will no longer be able to take part in any live auctions.

Member personal details and information.

All members personal data will be kept and used only for Make it Matter to member communication.

Members Data and personal information will NOT be sold or given to any third parties, and will be kept solely by Make it Matter for as long as the member is active in the Make it Matter website.

Passwords are the sole responsibility of each member of Make It Matter and are only know by them. Admin of the site have the power to reset lost or forgotten passwords but DO NOT have the capacity or information to retrieve a  lost or forgotten password .

Auction rules and regulations.

Only Make It Matter bidder members can bid on auction items.

All Auction Bidders must be over the age of 18 years old, Make It Matter reserve the right to refuse sale to a winning bidder found to be under the age of 18.

Only Make It Matter maker members can enter items to be auctioned.

Mini Makers :-

All makers under the age of 18 that have donated an auction projects must give Parent/ Guardian information and contact details as per Mini Maker donation form. Only the name and age of the under age maker is to be shared with make it matter and under NO circumstances should any of the makers personal details be shared.

The parent/Guardian of a Mini Maker must register using the Make it Matter Maker registration form, before being able to donate an auction project.

Bidders and auctions.

All bids entered in to an auction are final and classed as a winning bid until a higher bid for the same item has been entered.

If a bidder is the highest bid at close of auction they are deemed the winner of the auctioned item, and are therefore liable to pay the full winning bid no later than the advertised pay by date.

Items won in a make it matter auction will be shipped by the maker of said item to the shipping address given by the bidder at time of registration.

All items entered into an auction for sale must be original pieces and made by the seller, they must be as advertised in the item description box in the registration form, filled out by the maker/seller on the auction page.

All funds donated or paid through auction are paid via PayPal only, %100 of funds raised will go to the campaign cause, unless shipping costs are incurred, if this is the case the shipping cost will be deducted from the final total.


Shipping cost will be paid by the party/s that have agreed to pay at time of registration.

If neither parties are able or willing to pay for shipping costs the price of shipping will be taken from the final selling price of the item by admin of Make It Matter and paid before the maker ships the item.

If the cost of shipping is greater than the winning bid of an item and neither party are willing or able to pay the shipping costs the item will be deemed as unsold and the maker will keep the item.

All sold items MUST be shipped by the ship by date advertised in each individual auction biography. If an item is late or not shipped a full reimbursement of the winning bid will be given by admin of Make It Matter to the winning bidder, and the maker of the item will keep the item. Any maker that does not ship a sold item by the allotted time will be removed and blocked from the Make It Matter web page.

Packaging and protection of any item being shipped MUST be wrapped to suit size, shape and weight of said item and be protected as best possible. Any damage obtained to shipped items is NOT the responsibility of any Make It Matter admin or staff.


Any member of make it matter can unsubscribe at any time of the campaign without prejudice, any bids or donations will be reimbursed in full to said member by request.

Any queries and questions can be directed to and will be answered within 24 hrs of receiving the email.