Make It Matter

Welcome to Templeboy Turnings Make It Matter community page.

This campaign page is the result of an idea I had around two years ago. I wanted to create a place where makers around the world could all come together and use there creativity and skills, to make a difference in the lives of adults and children with a disability and sickness that effects their day to day life.

The first Make It Matter campaign was launched in January 2017 and brought many makers from across the globe together. Each made a Toy story themed projects and donated it to an auction, that raised €2000 for autistic charities around the world.

A lot was learned from this first campaign, although it was very successful it was found to be incredibly difficult to distribute the funds to various charities around the world. For various reasons from legal terms to fund transfer complications this model was found to have its flaws.

So learning from this a non for profit organisation was formed to try and combat the legal requirements and difficulties. Unfortunately this also came with its problems, to be able to run a non for profit you need a team of committed folk and a steady income to cover legal fees and running costs. Although we had some very committed helpers, we just couldn’t keep up with the day to day running costs.

That brings us to now and this community page.

From the first campaign I found out that this idea can really work, but I need to keep it simple. So moving forward I will run campaigns for one cause at a time, for one country at a time and one person/family in need at a time.

Its simple, if you are a maker, artist, photographer, sculptor or any other medium of creativity you are perfect for this cause.

We ask you to sign up as a member of our Make It Matter Maker registration by filling in the membership form HERE or in the drop down menu of the Make It Matter title in the menu above.

Once you have registered and agreed to the terms and conditions you will be notified of any new campaigns being launched.

You can pick and choose the campaigns you would like to be involved with by clicking on the campaign link in the menu above. With each campaign you are asked to fill out a registration form and then create a project to the specifications or theme assigned to each individual campaign. you are then asked to donate the finished project to a Make It Matter action.

Each live action will run from this website for a period of time and will be open to the general public. Each individual auction can be found in the drop down menu under Auctions in the menu above.

Your item will then be auctioned off to raise funds for the specific cause it was made for. Once sold you will be asked to ship the item to the winning bidder. Shipping cost preferences will be agreed prior to any auction using the option box in the campaign sign up form.

100% of all funds raised for each individual campaign will be donated to the campaign cause, be it an individual, charity, organisation or family.

If you would like to register as an auction Bidder please click HERE or open the link in the drop down menu above marked Make It Matter.

That’s it !! Like I said, I have made this as simple as possible for everyone involved.

Thank you for dropping by, I really hope you can join our community and help Make It Matter.